UGC - Malaviya Mission Teacher Training Centre (UGC - MMTTC)
Formerly known as UGC-HRDC
Sardar Patel University
Vallabh Vidyanagar - 388 120 (Gujarat)

The functions of Human Resource Development Centre will be to plan, organize, implement, monitor and evaluate induction/orientation programmes for newly appointed college/university lecturers within the jurisdiction of one or more universities in the country. An HRDC will also organize refresher courses for serving teachers, and orientation programmes for senior administrators and heads of department, principals, officers, etc. They shall also conduct Teacher Induction Program and assist in Student Induction Program.

Specifically, an HRDC will:


a. Formulate a programme of orientation along the broad guidelines given above.


b. Identify resource persons in various fields of specialization for running the orientation course and refresher courses, and familiarize such resource persons with the philosophy and guidelines for the courses. Based on the defined procedure for the creation of a database for identification of experts in different fields, the names of experts based on specialized academic knowledge shall be compiled for their inclusion in the databank/database for Orientation Programs/ Refresher Courses. To ensure that majority of resource persons are drawn from the approved list by the chairman of the advisory committee of HRDC.


c. Set up a documentation-centre-cum-library for reference and source materials necessary for the courses.


d. Produce specially designed material required for effective implementation of the courses.


e. Organize, monitor and evaluate courses for teachers


f. Create a culture of learning and self-improvement among teachers so that it becomes an integral part of the educational system at the tertiary level.


g. Organize orientation programmes for heads of department, principals, deans and other decision-makers to familiarize them with the philosophy of orientation to facilitate reform in higher education through appropriate modification of the management systems at various levels.


h. The refresher courses run by the HRDC will provide opportunities for teachers in service to exchange experience with their peers and to mutually learn from each other.


i. Provide a forum for serving teachers to keep themselves abreast of the latest advances in various subjects and be responsive to:  

• An atmosphere of intellectual excitement

• An intensive research and knowledge transfer culture

• A vibrant and embracing social context

• An international and culturally diverse learning environment

• Explicit concern and support for individual development

• Clear academic expectation, feedback and assessment

• Premium quality learning spaces, resources and technologies

• An adaptive curriculum


j. HRDC will develop video lectures along with learning resources and upload in a common portal provided by UGC.


k. Provide opportunities to further widen their knowledge and to pursue research studies.


l. Provide an introduction to new methods and innovations in higher education so that the participants can in turn develop their own innovative methods of instruction.


m. The thrust areas for each refresher course will be decided by the director in consultation with the course coordinator.


n. Co-ordinated Research with IUCTE in the area of teaching pedagogy and faculty development

The thrust areas for each refresher course will be decided by the director in consultation with the course coordinator

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